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Lake Mead is one of the very most picturesque settings for just about any vacation, perfect for spending several hours or a couple of days on the water. At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, we've seen countless vacationers fall in deep love with this destination, even once they visit through the dead of winter.

The initial excitement of renting a boat can spark traditions that last for decades, and we highly encourage our guests to take full benefit of everything this place must offer. If you're trying to find unique things to do in Nevada, see what you should know about renting a boat in this gorgeous location.


Boat rentals near me may be anything from houseboats to small watercraft, depending in your plans for the day. If you're likely to a well known area, reservations are usually essential. It's also wise to find out more about a destination's regulation of certain areas. In a defectively maintained spot, summer weekenders can quickly run out of room if they're not careful. Irrespective of when your reservation is, ensure you make it early to ensure that you can get all of the paperwork out from the way before you start the fun.

FIND OUT WHO'S RENTING At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, renting boats on Lake Mead can be done at these locations:

Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina: Known for both its deluxe houseboats (up to 75 feet) and watercraft, this spot features a wide selection. Willow Beach Marina & Campground: Willow Beach is stocked with both small water crafts, canoes, and kayaks. Temple Bar Resort Marina: This full-service marina offers a variety of watercraft rentals at affordable rates. Callville Bay Resort & Marina: Ski boats, houseboats, and personal watercrafts await you at this full-service marina. Every location in and around Lake Mead may have a slightly different flavor, so it's important to find out who's renting and what your choices are before you go. We'll look at the different locations and everything you can expect from each one.

COTTONWOOD COVE At Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, you will discover a large RV park and camping facilities as well as the boat rentals. Located near Laughlin, NV, the full-service park tempts vacationers from throughout the world.

WILLOW BEACH Willow Beach Marina & Campground is in the Black Canyon region of the Colorado River, and has a full 235 miles of shoreline. The quantity of wildlife found listed here is extraordinary, and even though you don't spot all of it, you should have plenty of scenery to keep your eyes occupied.

You will find canoes, powerboats, and several other watercraft here, as well as a convenience store, gift shop, restaurant, and campgrounds. The excess amenities make this a must for families who want a couple of creature comforts when exploring so much natural beauty.

TEMPLE BAR Temple Bar is on the Arizona side of the biggest man-made Reservoir in the country. It's about five hours from Phoenix and a quick 1.5 hours from the big lights of Las Vegas. Once you visit this location, you will discover a typical bar, cafe, convenience store, and a present shop. If you're bringing an RV, you will discover full hook-ups so you can get settled in.

CALLVILLE BAY RESORT & MARINA A lot more than 550 miles of shoreline below Red Rock cliffs, featuring countless bays and beaches, Callville is just one hour from Vegas and laden with items to do. Excellent for extended stays if you're buying a houseboat but equally perfect for a excursion on the water.

WATCH FOR WEATHER Weather conditions will get extreme in Nevada, often attributable to unexpected storms or intense heat. If you have to create reservations beforehand, it's not at all times possible to rent a boat on perfect days. If you're not making time for the forecast, you can end up in a scenario that you weren't expecting.

While bad weather often creates good stories, we mention this tip more for safety reasons. To prevent unintentional accidents or injuries, make sure that guess what happens you're stepping into and pack/plan accordingly. A couple of extra sets of clothing can become the main things in your bag.

DO (A LITTLE) HOMEWORK At Lake Mead Mohave Adventures, our staff is here to give you general advice and safety tips. If you have any questions or encounter any real problems on the water, you can depend on us to be there. That being said, you'll still wish to be as prepared as you possibly can when you're out in your own. Ideally, you'll not only have all of the contact information for the marina, but you should also let someone discover how long you intend to be out and when you're likely to be back.

Being on the water is one of the very most calming experiences on the planet for many people, but it's important not to have too complacent when you're out there. Make sure you have your boater's safety card and training so you know you'll have a safe trip. Having a few precautions once you rent a boat on Lake Mead can be sufficient to stave off any potential hiccups to your time off.

TAKE YOUR SUPPLIES Whether you're on a houseboat for some days or even a canoe for some hours, you'll want to have the necessities. Listed below are just a couple universal reminders on things to pack:

Clothes: If you get getting wet, you'll likely want something dry to alter into. Taking clothes for all-weather situations means you'll stay protected from the elements as well. Sunscreen: Sunlight can definitely progress through the thick of the afternoon, so having sunscreen with you on a boat rental (even if you've applied it before you sought out on the water). Food/water:  Boat rentals near me in Lake Mead are pretty tame in that you won't finish up lost at sea, however it helps you to pack some necessities if you get staying out more than you thought. Towels: Whether you will need a towel to keep out the heat or even to dry off if you get in the water, this can be a handy item to stash. Anti-nausea medication: Even individuals who aren't used to getting motion sickness can wind up feeling quite uncomfortable. Having a patch or pill can quickly get everyone back the swing of things. If you're likely to be out on a houseboat, consider bringing more comforts from your home (including extra toiletries). Residing at an area like Willow Beach or Temple Bar ensures you won't have to check very far to locate everything you need.

RESERVE A BOAT ONLINE AT LAKE MEAD MOHAVE ADVENTURES Lake Mead makes it possible to miss the lines at the launch ramps. We have a variety of rental boats, ranging from 17′ fishing skiffs to decked out houseboats. If you're trying to find unique things to do in Nevada, all you need to do to reserve a boat is head online.